Monday, August 3, 2015

Our week in pictures: 7.26.15

1. Ethan built his first ever Lego set, a garbage truck!
2. Ethan went on a horse for the first time!
3. Sofia went on a carousel for the first time! (A lot of firsts this week apparently)
4. I love how babies sleep!
5. We have only 4 things left on our Summer bucket list, we've done a lot this Summer!
6. Dr. Ethan is ready to give you a check up!
7. I found a bunch of selfies on our iPad of Ethan wearing my swim cap, HA!
8. Michael teaching Ethan how to hit a tennis ball!
9. Playing tennis with my love!
10. Love our pre-dinner walks every night with my favorite littles!
11. My happy girl loving the wind blowing through her hair!
12. My two boys!
13. Silly cousins having fun at Blackberry Farm!
14. The last time I was on this train at Blackberry Farm, Sofia was in my belly!
15. My beautiful Sofia on her 10 month birthday!
16. Ethan with his new red panda (a new animal obsession)!
17. Pure joy on Sofia's face as she is pushed by her brother!
18. I'm finally getting my butt in gear and running regularly again! I'm hoping to do my first 5K since before I was pregnant this Fall!

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  1. Sounds like a great week, and a great week for some firsts!!