Monday, August 10, 2015

Our week in pictures: 8.2.15

1. Relaxing in the grass, love them!
2. My little ladybug!
3. Ethan was having the best day ever when the grocery store we went to had mini carts for kids!
4. We went hiking on Friday and Sofia loved riding with me!
5. Ethan loves when we go and play tennis. I love this shot of him hitting the ball with his tongue out!
6. I was so proud of myself this week when I ran my first 5K since before I was pregnant with Sofia!
7. Bubbles!
8. We checked out the amazing Lego display at the Morton Arboretum!
9. Michael built a little Lego ladybug!
10. Swinging at Grandma and Grandpa's!
11. Ethan working on his swing at baseball!
12. We had a crazy 5 minute storm last weekend and we had some pretty big hail!
13. Cousin fun, these 3 had a ball!
14. Nightly family walk with my favorites!
15. Ethan on an indoor safari!
16. Sofia rocking a wicked mohawk after I took out her ponytail!
17. Super Ethan ready to save the day!

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