Monday, August 17, 2015

Our week in pictures: 8.9.15

1. My wild girl with her post-ponytail crazy hair!
2. Ethan learned about sliding in baseball this week, it was hilarious!
3. Pretty gerbera daisies from the farmers market!
4. Michael and I did an awesome 4 mile hike this week!
5. Feeding the parakeets at Brookfield Zoo!
6. Ethan and Sofia love having snacks with Dado, this day it just happened to be on the kitchen floor!
7. There were hundreds of fish in the lake at one of the parks we go to, it was crazy!
8. Ethan has officially decided he wants to be a T-Rex for Halloween!
9. Fun Friday with my littles at the Red Oak Nature Center!
10. This little boy was in train heaven at Day Out with Thomas!
11. Me and my precious girl waiting for the dolphin show to start at Brookfield Zoo!
12. Bike riding tongue out Michael Jordan style!
13. Beautiful scenery on our hike this week!
14. Ethan loves pushing his sissy at the park!

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  1. The daisies are soooo pretty! Love them! You guys have really had a great summer!!