Monday, August 24, 2015

Our week in pictures: 8.16.15

1. Ethan is still loving baseball, only 2 weeks left!
2. Beautiful scenery on our hike this week!
3. Daddy had his hands full!
4. I'm still going strong with my running, 2 5K's in the books this week!
5. These two love playing in pillows!
6. Fantasy football draft day!
7. I was trying not to cry writing out Sofia's 1st birthday invitations!
8. Sofia took her first step this week, just one, it won't be long until she's running!
9. Little Miss Independent loves to feed herself her bottle now!
10. Morning snuggles in our bed with Miss Sofia!
11. Summer fun at the Arboretum!
12. We had a great day at Brookfield Zoo!
13. I have to say normally I'm excited to see the sight of pumpkins in the store, but I an not ready for Summer to end!
14. My pretty girl!
15. My hiking buddy!
16. Ethan being a good brother and helping Sofia walk!

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