Monday, February 2, 2015

Sofia's World: 4 Months

4 months already! This month the biggest change is that you started daycare. You are doing so well there. You love sitting up and looking around to watch everything going on. I've started working with you on sitting with your hands in front of you for support and you are getting better and better. You love sitting in your chair too. You are good with tummy time and you can roll over from back to front. For some reason you did the harder way first! You love to lay on your side so I am guessing you will be rolling both ways soon. We are really starting to see your personality shine. You are constantly babbling and you have the cutest giggle ever! You light up when people talk to you and people can not get over how happy and laid back you are. Sofia, Daddy and I love you so much. I know this time next month you will be doing all sorts of new things that we can't wait to see and be a part of.  

Your doctor's appointment is tomorrow so we won't know until then. You were 11 lbs 12 oz at your last appointment, so I am going to guess you are around 14 pounds now.

Same thing as your weight, we'll find out at the doctor tomorrow. You were just under 25" at your last appointment so my guess is that you are close to 27" long now.

Clothing Size:

You definitely had a growth spurt and you've moved on to 3-6 months and 6 months in clothes.


You are in size 2 diapers and they are fitting you well.


You're eating 5 times a day and 4 oz at each feeding. Your brother was drinking 10 more oz a day than you are, it's crazy how different you two are when it comes to eating!


You are officially losing all of your hair and you are definitely going to be blonde. All the dark hair is falling out and there is white blonde hair underneath! You still have beautiful blue eyes like Daddy!

You are such a dream when it comes to sleep, Mommy is very thankful! Your schedule really seems to be working well. You take 2 naps a day and then you go to sleep around 7 when Ethan goes to sleep. I wake you up when we go to bed around 10, give you a bottle and you sleep till around 6:30 in the morning! You are still swaddled which I think is one reason why you sleep so well, but I know we are going to have to start weaning you from the swaddle very soon. 

Fun Stuff You Did This Month:

You started daycare this month when I went back to work. The first day I was a complete mess and you did amazing. They said that you love to watch all of the older kids. I am so happy that you are with your brother and he thinks it's so much fun that you are with him there every day. 

Sitting Up

You are sitting up so well. You've started not liking being on your play mat because you want to be up and looking around. You love sitting up on the couch and sitting in your chair. You are holding your head up very well and your neck is getting stronger and stronger. I've been working on sitting you like a tripod with your hands in front of you and you are still wobbly. It won't be long though until you will be sitting up all on your own!


Last month you had discovered your hands and feet and this month you are grabbing and grasping at anything you can get your hands on! You still love sucking on your hands and you love your crinkly books. Everything is making its way into your mouth right now and you are drooling like crazy. Your brother started having teething symptoms about this time too so I'm guessing that's what it is.

Rolling Over
You just started rolling over in the past week. You are rolling over from back to front but not front to back yet.

Your first year month-by-month

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