Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Our week in pictures: 1.25.15

1. I love this sign I got on Zulily, it describes our home perfectly, ha!
2. Dressed for success for a big meeting I had at work this week.
3. Fun playdate with cousins and friends!
4. My princess looking adorable!
5. Ethan took a trip to Dado's bathroom barbershop for a fresh haircut!
6. Ethan getting a back rub from Dado with his broom!
7. Sofia trying out her new Easter basket I ordered for her!
8. Gramma and Papa came by for a visit and Ethan was "reading" his dinosaur book to them!
9. Our little budding chef helped me make baked chicken this week. He helped make the breading, tenderized the chicken and breaded the chicken by shaking it in the bag. He's such a good helper!
10. Ethan was not too happy by an early wake up call this week. Even with lights on, making noise and me rubbing his back he was not having it!
11. New light fixture in our newly painted master bath.

1 comment:

  1. The sign is great!! =)
    And your dress....gorgeous! I so wish I had the confidence to wear dresses! =)
    Picture #4, I love her outfit. I almost got alyx that outfit, but I didn't. It's so cute on Sofia!
    And the new light fixture is beautiful!