Monday, February 16, 2015

Celebrating Valentine's Day

I always look forward to picking out a few fun things for my littles to celebrate the holidays. I loved every holiday being celebrated with my family when I was a kid so I want to continue the same traditions.

Their Valentines buckets ready for opening!

Sofia went first

Sporting her new Minnie sunglasses!

Her baby Anna doll

A Minnie dress for Summer

Some fun links for upcoming teething days

A fun new book

And how about a pink mustache!

Ethan got mustaches too, but he didn't want to join our fun!

Ethan opened up his bucket of presents next

Opening his dinosaur card

He was really excited about his look and find Thomas book, he loves look and find right now!

Where is it?

There it is!

A Mickey and friends shirt! (With a kit kat crammed in his mouth!)

His favorite thing though was his new boots. He can't wait for the snow to melt so he has puddles to jump in!

Put on

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  1. Looks like they got some great stuff! I love the Minnie dress that Sofia got! Super cute =)