Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Puddle Jumping!

On Saturday it was actually above freezing and things were starting to melt, so we thought we would get out of the house for a bit and jump in some puddles! Ethan was so happy to be outside!

Besides jumping in puddles, we had a lot of fun spotting bird nests in the trees from last year. I was teaching Ethan how birds make their nests with a lot of different materials and weave them all together and how they all are different. Ethan thought it was so cool and was excited to find more bird nests! We counted 11 bird nests on our walk! Ethan loved pointing them out.

This one was nice and low we got a good look at it!

I love when I get to spend time in nature with my little outdoorsman!

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  1. Look at that snow. You would laugh if you saw our 1 inch. lol