Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

We had a busy weekend! On Friday I took Ethan to the Children's Museum to get him out of the house so he could run around. He had fun as usual. It's funny, every time we go he is drawn to different things. This time it was blocks, he is in a total building stage right now.

Snack time!

After the Children's Museum we met up with Michael at the choo choo restaurant for lunch.

Friday night we made some kabobs for dinner and just relaxed.

On Saturday we were up and out early. We dropped off Ethan at my parents for a fun sleepover with Lily while Michael and I headed North to Lake Geneva for a mini getaway. It's one of our favorite places for a quick trip, even in the Winter. We shopped up and down the main street and then headed to lunch at one of our favorite places up there.

The weekend before we were up there they hosted a national snow carving competition. All of the sculptures were still standing so we got to see them. They were really cool and it started to snow while we were walking around. It looked so pretty.

This one was my favorite!

By the time we got done walking through the snow sculptures the snow was really coming down.

We decided to head to our resort to check in. 

Our room wasn't ready yet so we relaxed in the lobby with some drinks. I love their lobby it's so cozy!

We walked around the hotel and relaxed the rest of the afternoon and even got a nap in before dinner. For dinner we went to our favorite restaurant in the hotel, the Geneva Chophouse. It was so good!

Pre-dinner picture with my love

We got a salad and a special taco appetizer they had that night to start.

For dinner Michael had a filet and garlic shrimp, I had pork chops and we shared a trio of sides. Everything was delicious!

On Sunday we got up and had some breakfast at the resort and then started making our way home to pickup Ethan. We stopped at the grocery store to do our shopping for the week toddler-free since it goes so much faster! Then we picked up Ethan. We were hoping to stay and hang out for a little while but Ethan was not having it. He was over tired from playing so hard with Lily and it was time to go. We came home and it was naps for everyone! Ethan took a four nap, so he apparently needed it. He woke up and played for a bit and then we were meeting Michael's brother and parents for dinner. We had fun for a while and then Ethan decided he didn't want to sit anymore so unfortunately I had to take him out to the car. I'm beginning to think the terrible twos are beginning, HA! We came home and put Ethan to bed and just relaxed the rest of the night.

I hope all of you had a good weekend and a great week ahead!


  1. First off...Ethan's Dr Love shirt...ADORABLE! So cute =)
    And Second...i'm jealous of your mini getaway! The ice sculptures are so pretty, and the town you were in looks really nice! Glad you guys had a great time =)

  2. Those sculptures are amazing!! Glad y'all had a great time! :)