Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ethan's World: 21 Months

I cannot believe you are almost 2! It is crazy how quick time just keeps rolling on by. You have definitely started acting a little more like a 2 year old this month. It seems like you are either your happy little self or having a tantrum. Luckily you are happy 90% of the time, but when you're not, boy is it tough. Those tough moments usually happen at a restaurant or grocery store because you just do not want to be strapped down, you want to be running free. I can definitely tell that this Winter is wearing on you. You miss running outside and playing in the park and not being stuck in a house all the time. I can't blame you because I feel the same way!

You are still talking up a storm, so much so that I stopped keeping a running list of your words because I just can't keep up. I would say you are over 100 words. You literally say new words everyday. You haven't really started putting words together yet but I know that is coming next. You are still obsessed with your ABC's and you shout out letters that you see everywhere when we are out.


You have always loved animals but it's more fun now because you are learning the names of all of them and the sounds they make. You can point out pretty much all of the animals you have if we ask you where they are and you can make the sounds of about half of them. You love making the animal sounds and you think its the most fun ever! We quiz you on them all the time and continue to add more and more sounds. I can't wait to bring you to the zoo this Summer so you can see all the animals in person. You've been to the zoo before but I think it will really click for you now that you know all their names and sounds.

Little Builder

In the past few weeks you have really taken to blocks and building things. You love your duplos and have so much fun building towers. As they get higher and higher you screech and say, "Wow!" You are so proud of yourself as you build them. At the children's museum you love their huge assortment of wood blocks. You build towers taller than you! I think I'm going to get you some wood blocks for Easter since you like them so much. 

Beep Beep

You have always loved everything on wheels but in the past couple weeks you've started giving everything sound effects and it's the cutest thing ever! Cars and trucks go, "beep, beep." Helicopters and airplanes go, "whoosh, whoosh." I love that you are all boy and it's so fun to see your imagination really start to develop while you are playing.

Tiny Chef

You've really shown an interest in the past few weeks in cooking and what Dada and I are doing in the kitchen. You put your little hands on the island and try to pull yourself up to peek at what we are doing. We've been getting you more and more involved in kitchen tasks where you can help and you seem to really like it. I want to get you a step stool so you can stand at the island with us and actively participate more.

Some other updates this month: You have become a much better eater! You have been eating so many different things and eating a lot lately. This has been a great change I must say. Another thing we have been working on is getting rid of your paci. We have pretty much eliminated it except for when you are in your crib. I still keep one with me when we are out in public just in case of a meltdown, but I must say you are doing really well without it. You are starting to pull it out of your mouth in the morning when I come and get you so I'm hoping it can be gone for good soon. You are doing really well with moving to one nap a day. You go down after lunch and sleep until 3 or 3:30 and you are still sleeping 12 hours at night. 

Ethan, you are constantly surprising us with new skills. We have so much fun working with you and teaching you new things because you just eat it up. I love your enthusiasm for everything, even getting to press the garage door button to make the door go up or down draws a wow from you! Your laugh is infectious and you just make Daddy and I smile every day. We love you so much little man, we can't wait to see what you are up to next month!

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