Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Recap

We had such a nice low key weekend. On Friday I met up with my sister and Lily at the Arboretum. All the colors are changing and the trees were absolutely beautiful!

It was pretty cold but the kids still had fun. I think it will be our last time there for play dates though. Although we will definitely be there for their new light show Illumination this holiday season. 

We only lasted a couple of hours in the cold so we grabbed some hot chocolate and called it a day. Ethan was pretty tired and passed out on the way home.

The rest of Friday Ethan played and I had to do some work during his nap time. After Michael was done with his work day we headed to Red Robin to meet Rich, Tif, Jacob and Makayla for dinner. 

Saturday we were up and out early. We went to breakfast and then had a few fun events to attend. Michael's Mom works at Home Depot and they were doing a trunk or treat event so we went there right when it opened so Ethan could see his Grandma and trick or treat a little more. He had so much fun! He was digging into all the candy baskets and putting it in his bucket. It was super cute. He's going to be a total pro next year! They had a pirate theme to the trunks and even had a pirate ship where you could walk the plank!

After the trunk or treat event we headed over to a local library for a model railroad show that Tif had told us about. Ethan is obsessed with trains so we knew he would love it. He had so much fun! He just kept saying "choo, choo," over and over again. We got there right when it opened so he had great views of all of the trains and even got to push buttons on some of the remotes. He was in train heaven!

They even had some crafts set up so we made a Thomas the train to bring home.

After the railroad show we headed home since Ethan was way past his nap time. After his nap we headed out again to pick up my birthday present Michael bought me, a new bike! I have wanted a new bike for years and was so excited when Michael told me I got to pick out whatever I wanted. I ended up getting an Electra Townie 7D. It's super comfortable and exactly what I was looking for. I got my first ride in and went 6.5 miles and I only had to stop because it was getting too cold.

On Sunday we had plans just to hang out around the house. We have been so busy the past 2 months we just wanted to relax. Apparently Ethan was in a relaxing mood too because he was playing while laying down, HA!

I got another bike ride in, 9 miles this time and it felt great. I really want to do a sprint triathlon in the Spring so now I can start training. The sprint triathlon consists of a 1/3 mile swim, 12 mile bike and a 5K run. I can definitely do all of those things but now I have to train doing all of them back to back!

My new bike!

Beautiful scenery on my ride

After my ride we just relaxed the rest of the day and played with Ethan. Michael made us tilapia for dinner and it was yummy! It was such a restful weekend and exactly what we needed. I hope all of you had a great weekend as well!

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