Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Recap

We had such a great Halloween! Ethan was more aware of everything this year and it was so fun. Halloween morning I got him dressed up and took some pictures, which I shared yesterday.

Then it was time for a nap and I worked. When Ethan woke up Michael wanted to take Ethan to the choo choo restaurant for a special treat. It's Ethan's favorite place to go. He had a blast and he got to wear his Thomas hat that I got from etsy here

After lunch it was time for presents from the Great Pumpkin!

The Great Pumpkin brought Ethan a book, a sticker book, some snacks, treats and a counting cookies Cookie Monster. Ethan loved Cookie, he thought he was so funny and loved putting the cookies in his mouth. Every time he put a cookie in he would clap and would want us to clap too. It was so cute!

After present opening it was time for another nap, Michael and I did some more work and waited for Ethan to wake up so we could head out. We headed to Rich and Tif's who were hosting a Halloween party and a haunted house. It was raining pretty hard like it had been all day but the radar showed it would be stopping soon. Around 5:30 the rain stopped and the sun actually came out and made a rainbow! We took that as a sign to get out and trick or treat while we could. 

Our little minion was ready to go!

Jacob the fireman

Makayla Minnie Mouse

We weren't sure what Ethan would think of trick or treating or if he would even get it, but he loved it! He loved running from house to house and it only took a few houses before he really got it.

More candy!

He started banging his bucket on the stoops, lol!

Oooo, a ghost!

We had to bring the fireman to the fire house! They were handing out candy too.

Ethan was getting tired and there were a lot of houses with steps so he got pushed by Gru the rest of the way!

Our Despicable Halloween - Lucy, our minion and Gru!

Ethan's loot!

After trick or treating we went back to Rich and Tif's to eat some dinner and sweets. The kids played, ate some of their candy and had fun. It was a great Halloween, we love this day so much! I hope all of you had a great time celebrating too!

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