Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Swim class

Ethan went to his first ever swim class this past weekend at Bear Paddle Swim School. It's a new place that is devoted strictly to teaching kids how to swim. I saw a Groupon for half off lessons and thought it was the perfect opportunity to sign him up. Ethan has always been a bit hesitant with water. He likes going in the bath and pool but does not like going under water and getting his head and ears wet. We thought swim lessons might help with that, or make it much worse, lol!

Ethan was really excited for his class! He asked everyday for a week if it was swim class day. Finally on Saturday I was able to say, yes!

Waiting for class to begin!

In his first class they worked on getting to the side of the pool and pulling themselves out, floating on their back, kicking and putting their face in the water and blowing bubbles.

He did really well, he surprised the heck out of us by how he just did everything the teacher asked him to. He loved it and asked if he could go the next day so I know that means he really wants to go back. It will be fun to see how he gets better each time he goes, he'll be swimming in no time!

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