Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Recap!

We had such a fun Halloween! The only bad part was the weather. It actually snowed in the morning and was super cold and we had 30 mile an hour winds. We started our morning off with some Halloween stickers and giving Ethan his gifts from the Great Pumpkin!

Ethan didn't want Sofia to feel left out so he decorated her with stickers too, HA!

The Great Pumpkin brought Ethan a cool Mickey train and some treats.

He LOVES the train!

We also decorated pumpkins. When we went to the pumpkin patch we saw these cool pumpkin faces stickers and we thought it would be perfect for Ethan since he's too young to carve and painting is really messy (we know because we did it last year!) Ethan loved the stickers so much he decorated all of our pumpkins. They came out really cute!

After pumpkins it was lunch time and then nap time. When Ethan woke up from his nap we put on his Thomas costume and then headed to Rich and Tif's. They host an awesome Halloween party every year. They have a haunted house and everyone brings some food to share to eat after trick or treating. It was so cold we knew we weren't going to go to that many houses but the kids were still excited. Ethan had so much fun trick or treating with his cousins!

But before candy, playing in the leaves was necessary!

Then we were off! I don't think Ethan really remembered trick or treating since he was only 18 months last year so he was a little hesitant at the first house but after that, he was running from house to house!

It was so cold out and Ethan was getting hungry so we headed back after about 20 minutes. We didn't bring Sofia with us because of the cold. She might have liked the cold though because she was dressed up as Queen Elsa from Frozen!

It was such a fun night, we love Halloween!

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