Sunday, November 16, 2014

Our week in pictures: 11.9.14

1. My 3 favorite people!
2. Watching the snow flakes fall before school.
3. Taking a horsey ride at the choo choo restaurant.
4. We got our Polar Express tickets in the mail. I can't wait to bring Ethan in a few weeks!
5. Playing a game with Ethan.
6. Ethan playing with a new toy from the Aquarium.
7. Ethan showing Sofia her Minnie toy during tummy time.
8. Sofia's smiles have arrived!
9. Ethan sharing his beluga whale with Sofia.
10. The cold is here, which stinks, but at least it means cute hats!
11. I love how much he LOVES her!
12. Fun at the aquarium show with my loves.
13. Playing after school.

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