Monday, June 30, 2014

Blackberry Farm

I had found out about Blackberry Farm last Fall but we never had a chance to go because we ran out of time between all of our other Fall festivities. I made sure to put it on our Summer Bucket List for this year. It was a great place to spend the day. It was super cheap and you got to ride everything as many times as you wanted.

They had a train that went around a portion of the park and of course that was Ethan's favorite thing to do so it was our first stop and we rode it a few times throughout the day.

They had a bunch of farm animals that Ethan loved looking at.

Besides the train, this corn table was probably Ethan's favorite thing. We played there for about an hour. We just could not get him away from it he was having so much fun!

They had a bunch of cute tractors and cars to ride too!

They also had this huge playground with a ton of slides and interactive things to do. Ethan loved it!

It was such a fun place, I would love to go back in the Fall and they also do a Christmas train ride that I know Ethan would love too!

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