Monday, July 7, 2014

July 4th at the Lake

Michael's parents bought a vacation lake house last Fall in southern Indiana and we planned to spend our 4th of July weekend down there. We hadn't been there before because they've been doing a lot of work on the property so this was our first visit. Ethan was in absolute heaven. He is such a nature boy and loves to be outside at all times. He just loved exploring by the lakes, throwing rocks in the water, looking for frogs, going on the boat and driving Grandpa's tractor. We had a really great weekend.

Exploring the lake with Grandma

We found a baby frog

Boat ride with Daddy and Grandpa

Driving Grandpa's tractor

On July 4th we went to the Evansville Zoo, which was a great zoo. The highlight was feeding the giraffes, they were so close to you, Ethan loved it! They had a lot of amazing exhibits, we were pretty impressed.

The night of July 4th we hung out on the dock, fished and waited for it to get dark so we could see all of the fireworks. It was really cool!

The community where Michael's parents house is has a couple of pools. One of them was a perfect kiddy pool for Ethan. It was only 12 inches on one end and 18 inches on the other so he could walk the whole thing. He loved it and had so much fun!

Besides driving Grandpa's tractor, throwing rocks in the lake was probably Ethan's favorite activity.

Hanging out in the hammock wasn't too bad either!

And who doesn't like to swing?!!

This little guy loves Grandma and Grandpa's lake house!

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