Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Morton Arboretum

I mentioned yesterday in my weekend recap that Ethan and I met up with Arla and Lily at the Morton Arboretum. Neither of us had been there before so we didn't really know what to expect, but it was amazing! So amazing we both got memberships for our families! I can see us spending a lot of time here .

They have an amazing children's garden with so many things for the kids to do. Ethan and Lily had a ball.

Ethan was in love with all things water! They had a globe sculpture with water and a frog fountain area that he was obsessed with. So obsessed he about lost his mind when I took him away from it!

They had this great treetop sitting area so we rested and had snack time for a little while.

They also have a special exhibit running this Summer with these awesome wood carved bugs throughout the property. We walked around to see them and the kids loved them!

After we saw all the bugs we went to their cafe to have some lunch. After lunch we checked out the gift shop and the kids found some awesome bug books to take home!

I raved and raved about the Arboretum to Michael so when it was so beautiful out on Sunday he suggested we go so he could check it out too. Apparently Arla did the same with Teddy because about an hour into our visit, they showed up with Lily! We had fun exploring more things and watching the kids play their little hearts out!

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