Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ethan's World: 14 Months

The months are just flying by, I can't believe I'm writing another one of these posts! At 14 months you are just so much fun. You are so into exploring and figuring everything out around you. You have started pointing  with your pointer finger and it is hilarious. You point at anything and everything and start talking. We rarely understand what you are saying, but it is super cute! When we go for walks you are leaning forward, pointing and chatting away!

Another thing you are cracking us up with is your new scrunchy face! We don't know why you started doing it but you just scrunch up your whole face. Usually its when you are excited about something like when you are on the swings. It is so funny!

You had another first this month, you went to your first movie at a movie theater. You have been so obsessed with Despicable Me we just knew you would love the second one and we were right. The movie was so good and you loved watching it on the giant screen! They are coming out with a minions movie next Christmas so we will be sure to bring you back for that!

Another first was our first visit to the Morton Arboretum. I had never been before either so it was a first for both us. Well we both fell in love we have been back 3 times already and it looks like we're going to make it a Friday morning tradition! You are such a water baby and they have 2 exhibits you just love, the frog fountain and water globe. You would stand there for hours if we left you and you get so upset when we take you away from them. It's so much fun to watch you interact with all of the exhibits and there are so many things you will be able to grow into in the years to come.

You have always loved your books but you have become such a book worm. You will sit and look at your books for such a long time. Everyday you go to the bookcase, pick out a book and then you will put it on the floor and scoot it along on the floor over to us, then pick it up and hand it to us. If that's not dedication for the written word, I don't know what is! You love when Daddy reads to you every night before bed. I love it to because it's just the sweetest thing in the world to watch. I hope your love for books only continues to get stronger as you get older!

You absolutely love being outside, I think you would stay out there all day if we would let you. You cry every time we bring you inside. Now that the weather is finally good we have had so much fun going on weekly outings. We love finding new parks to bring you to and I think we found the best park ever in Wheaton. It has the coolest playground we've ever seen and even has a zipline you can use when you are older. It's also surrounded by miles of trails to go on long walks too!

You still aren't walking but I can tell you are getting stronger and stronger. You can stand in one place unassisted for long stretches, even 10 minutes! It seems like you want to go but just haven't gotten the courage yet. We know you will do it in your own time so we just encourage you to keep trying!

Your front 4 teeth are through and I think we have your first molar on the way. You have been drooling and chewing on things like crazy.  I haven't weighed you since your doctor's appointment last month but I'm sure you are about the same. We will find out at your 15 month appointment next month. 

No new words this month but you are still a chatty little boy. We are working on getting you off your pacifier except when sleeping so you are talking even more. You are still sleeping great, we are so lucky. You sleep 12 hours almost to the minute every night. During the day you take about 4 -5 hours of naps. If we are outside a lot you always take longer naps from wearing yourself out!

Food you have good days and bad days, sometimes you eat a ton and some days you eat hardly anything. The good thing at least is that you eat all healthy things. You love pretty much every fruit and you still hate any type of sweets. You have really started to like cheese and you had your first taste of peanut butter and jelly and you loved it!

Every day with you Ethan is such a blessing. You are just the happiest and most fun little boy in the world! We love watching you learn and explore new things all the time. It's so much fun to experience life through your eyes and the joy you have as you discover the world around you. We love you so much little man and we can't wait to see all the amazing things you will be up to next month!

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