Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Weekend Recap

We had a great Easter weekend! On Saturday we set-up an egg hunt for the kids at Michael's parents house. We like to do the egg hunts ourselves. We went to a city hosted one two years ago and it was such a nightmare, we vowed to do it on our own from then on. I like to do it myself too so I get to choose what goes in the eggs. They got a mixture of M&M's, toys and $1 bills. It ended up being a really nice day and I was so grateful for that.

I went in the backyard first and set out all of the eggs. Ethan had all blue eggs and Sofia's were pink. That way there was no confusion on who's eggs were who's. Ethan was beyond excited, Sofia didn't know what what to be excited about but she quickly found out! They each had 18 small eggs to find and one super big special egg to find.

We thought Sofia would need some help figuring it out since she's only 18 months old and had never done it before, but she was a total pro! It was like she had been on a million egg hunts before!

Ethan's were a little harder to find and he loved searching for them! He was set on finding the big special egg but couldn't find it until the very end. 

I found it!

He had to take them all out and count them!

Saturday afternoon we went to Rich and Tif's to give Jacob and Makayla their Easter baskets since we weren't going to see them on Easter. They opened their gifts and had a picnic dinner in the kitchen!

When we came home it was time for bed so they got in their Easter pjs and went to bed so the Easter Bunny could come!

The Easter Bunny came!

The kiddos were so excited to see what they got in their baskets. They mostly got toys and items for the Summer like swimsuits, bubbles, chalk, outdoor toys, etc. and a KitKat bar.

She went right for the two eggs that had necklaces in them!


I see you!


 She loved this remote control My Little Pony!




My cute little bunnies!

While Sofia played with her new toys, Ethan did another egg hunt with little chocolate eggs. My parents did the same for my sister and I and I wanted to keep the tradition. Ethan did it last year and loved it so I knew he would really have fun with it this year! He was so excited and didn't need any help finding them!

The kids played some more while Michael worked on making deviled eggs to bring to my Aunt and Uncle's for Easter brunch. They were delicious, BLT deviled eggs!

Then I got myself and the kids all ready and took a few pictures before we left. They looked so cute!

When we got to my Aunt Linda and Uncle Jim's it was beautiful out so the kids were loving playing outside. We brought bubbles and Sofia's parachute she got for Easter because we figured the kids would like to play with it. They had so much fun together!

Before we ate they had an egg hunt for the kids

Sofia was ready to chow down!

Ethan would rather throw rocks in the pond then eat!

Walking off that big breakfast with Papa!

A little bit later my Uncle Jim took the kids down to see his reptiles, Ethan had been waiting all day for that moment, he was so excited! Doesn't every family Easter meal end with seeing reptiles?!! LOL

Come on Bubba!

Ethan didn't want to leave! He is such an animal lover.

Hi Bubba!

We hope all of you had a great Easter!


  1. What a fun Easter you guys had! The kiddos looked adorable on Easter morning =)

  2. Your kids are adorable. I can't believe how big they are getting! I don't remember when I started reading your blog... but its been awhile. :)
    Sofia has such a precious little smile! Ethan is just getting so big. Sweet kids.

    Glad you had a great Easter. I always enjoy seeing your pictures.