Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sofia's World: 12 Months

12 months little girl, I cannot believe it! I am so excited to celebrate you at your party tomorrow. This month has brought a lot of changes, the biggest being that you are walking! Not just taking a few steps, you are fully walking!   I'm still not used to seeing you toddle around the house but you look so cute. You can tell you are so happy and proud of yourself when you are walking around! Ethan thinks its the coolest thing ever that you are walking now and he claps for you and holds your hand to help you. I'm excited for the whole new world this opens for you. We went to the Children's Museum and I could tell how much fun you were having now that you can walk around and do some things on your own. You love your freedom!

Another milestone is that you finally have some more teeth! You've only had two until less than a week ago. You literally got your top 4 teeth overnight, it was crazy! I can't believe we didn't know they were coming in. You would think you would have been crabby as heck with 4 teeth cutting at the same time, but not you, you are all smiles! You are still talking like crazy and you are really starting to repeat things we say to you. I've added "words" as a new section below because I can tell we will be adding more and more as each month goes by. This month we have added, "uh-oh," "thank you," and "dog". A funny new thing you are doing is sticking your tongue out and its hilarious! You do it a lot when you are walking so we say you are walking "Michael Jordan style."

Sofia, every day you surprise Daddy and I with something new. You are always just the happiest, most fun little girl all the time. As you develop and learn new things, we are just in awe of you. We are the luckiest parents alive to have you for our daughter.  We can't wait to celebrate your first year of life at your birthday party tomorrow. We love you so much little girl!

We won't find out until next week, but I would guess around 23lbs.

We measured you the other day and you are 32 inches but we will get your official measurement next week.

Clothing Size:
You are wearing 18-24 and 24 months in clothes.

You are wearing size 4 Pampers and they are fitting you comfortably.

We are done with bottles and mostly done with formula. You are being a bit of a stinker and did not like straight milk. So right now we are working on tapering you off of the formula. I was so surprised that you didn't take to the whole milk right away like Ethan did, but that's okay. You are getting plenty of vitamins and calcium with the food you eat. You are still an eating machine, people can't believe it! There is literally not one thing we have given you that you haven't liked. When we eat in front of you, you stare at us waiting for us to give you some and if we don't, you start to scream at us! You have had eggs, chicken, beef, turkey, broccoli, carrots, sausage, pizza, bread, pasta, potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, bananas, avocado, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, mushrooms, corn, yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, watermelon, pomegranates, nectarines and I'm sure a bunch of things I can't remember. I am crossing every finger and toe that you stay this way and don't become picky like your brother! I'm still amazed you are eating everything you are only with two teeth too!

You have super blonde hair and it is getting a lot longer. I actually cut your bangs a little because they were always poking you in the eyes. I love putting your hair in ponytails and pig tails now! You still have beautiful blue eyes like Daddy that everyone comments on pretty they are!

Sleep has been fantastic and you have been on the same schedule since you were 4 months old. You typically go to bed around 6:30 - 7 after story time with Ethan and you sleep until 6:30 - 7 in the morning. You take 2 naps a day, usually 1 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon. 

Fun Stuff You Did This Month:

You are officially on the move and it is so much fun to watch! I still can't believe you started walking before you were a year old, but you are a very determined little girl. You are already trying to climb things so we need to keep a close eye on you! You are loving your newfound freedom that walking is bringing you.

Apple & Pumpkin Picking
Last year you were still in my belly for apple picking and you were only a week old when we went pumpkin picking. It was fun to have you be there and interact a little more this year. Next year you will be running around with your brother!

Your first year month-by-month

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