Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ranger Rick Reader

Ethan loves animals and one day on Zulily they were running a magazine subscription sale and they had a subscription to Ranger Rick Jr. I read Ranger Rick as a kid and I knew Ethan would love it. I know at 2, he's little young but at $6 for a year subscription, I figured it was worth a try. He received his first issue on Saturday and we threw it in the car for our long ride to see Thomas and he was completely glued to it. He sat there holding it like he was 8 years old reading it! He would turn all the pages and tell us what animals were on each page and what sound they made, it was the cutest thing ever! He "read" it the entire way, almost an hour in the car. He has picked it up every day since in the car so I know he is going to look forward to receiving a new one each month!

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