Saturday, October 1, 2016

Dear Sofia, you are 2!

Dear Sofia:

Today you are 2, and while I can't believe that we are here already you almost seem like a 3 year old to me. You are the most beautiful, amazing little girl I have her met. Every day you get smarter, sassier, funnier and even more adorable if it's possible. I have to yell at Daddy all the time because he has no will in him to say no to you. Everyone who meets you instantly melts at your sweet smile. You are so outgoing which is much different from your brother at this age. Whenever we are playing in the front yard, anyone who walks or drives by, you wave your little arm and say, "hi!" 

One of the reasons I say you are like a 3 year old is because of your vocabulary, it is amazing. You speak in sentences and it's rare that we don't understand you. You are very good at telling us what you want and don't want. And while I should be grateful for that so I don't have to guess what's wrong, you say, "Don't want it," about 100 times a day, ha! Besides speaking in sentences, we are amazed with your singing. You know and sing so many songs and know all of the words. Your favorite songs are twinkle, twinkle, happy birthday, ABC's, wheels on the bus, and baa baa black sheep. You know all of your ABC's, colors, and shapes. You can count to 10 with ease and to 20 with a mistake or two. You love reading books so much. You have your favorites and we read them over and over. Your all-time favorite book is "B is for Bear." You know the whole thing by heart and know what each letter stands for. I'm so glad that you love to read and love to add new books to your library. 

You are so incredibly observant and do not miss a thing. All of your teachers at daycare are completely astounded by your memory. There are 12 kids at daycare and you know each kids cup, blanket, coat, lunchbox and you also know who all of their parents are, the cars they drive, it is crazy. You remember places we go, whose house we are at, etc and it's something Ethan didn't start doing until he was at least 3. Another amazing thing about you is your manners. Thank you was one of the very first things you said ever and people are always surprised when you say, "please, thank you, welcome, bless you, etc." You are so sweet and just have the best personality.

You have 5 favorite things. The first is being outside. You would play outside all day long if we let you. As girly girl as you are, you love nothing more than digging in the dirt with Ethan looking for worms and roly polys. You love riding your scooter and going for long bike rides sitting in my bike trailer. Your second favorite thing is your bitty baby doll. You carry her everywhere and get mad when we tell you that you can't bring her somewhere. We took away your pacifier last month and for giving it up we told you that you could pick out a toy and of course you picked out a baby carrier. You are getting quite a few fun things for your baby for your birthday today and I know you are going to be so excited about them. Your third favorite thing is your brother. Ethan is your favorite person on the planet. You love to do everything he is doing and you imitate everything he does as well. He started pre-k a few weeks ago and leaves daycare after lunch two days a week and you cry every time he leaves. I fear for the adjustment you are going to have next year when he isn't there at all. Your fourth favorite thing is books which I mentioned above. You would take books over a tv any day. Everyone asks what your favorite tv show, movie or character is and I have no answer because you would never stop long enough to watch anything. Your fifth favorite thing is anything sweet. Your brother doesn't like any sweets and boy you make up for it ten-fold. You love ice cream, cake, cookies, gummy bears anything sweet. You are generally a very good eater and will eat most things but you would eat sweets all day long if we let you!

You are getting so big and while I won't know your height or weight until we go to the doctor next week, I know you have had a big growth spurt. You are wearing size 3T and are thinning out because you never stop moving. You run everywhere and thing you can do everything Ethan can do. You are such a daredevil and I can never take my eyes off of you. You want to do everything on your own and do not want help. You love going to the park, especially the slides and you love being in water. I can't wait until next year when you start swim lessons. We are going to be signing you up for gymnastics in a couple of months and I know you are going to love it and I can't wait to watch you! You just started jumping this past week and you are so excited you can finally do it.

Sofia it is so hard for me to fully describe how amazing you really are and how much joy you bring us. You are sweet, stubborn, frustrating, lovable, helpful, exhausting, cuddly, curious, kind-hearted, caring, adventurous and the most beautiful little girl. I am looking forward to see how much you grow and change during your second year. You will forever be my favorite little girl in the whole-wide world! I am so lucky to call you mine and you make us so proud to be your parents. We love you so much Sofia Marie!

A photo recap of your second year!

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