Friday, July 1, 2016

Sofia's World: 21 Months

21 Months my little firecracker! I am in total denial that you are going to be 2 very soon but part of me is already used to the idea because you already seem 2. You just seem older than you are because of your vocabulary and the things you can do, you are always surprising us! This has been such a fun month with you. We have been spending so much time outside which is your favorite thing in the world! 

The biggest news this month is that we moved into our new house and with that came your own big girl room! I have been planning and buying things to fill it for months and I was so excited to put it all together for you. I was even more excited that you were going to finally get to sleep in a big girl bed instead of the pack and play you've been subjected to for such a long time. We were worried how you were going to do in a full size bed but you have done so well and you are sleeping amazing. I love checking on you every night before going to bed and you are almost always completely stretched out and look so comfortable. 

Besides your bed, your favorite part of your room is your new library of books and your canopy to read them in. You and Ethan love to cuddle on the pillow and Ethan will read to you. It's the cutest thing ever! I look forward to adding more special things to your room as you develop more interests.

In addition to your big girl room, you are loving our new house's backyard! We have been spending so much time outside in our backyard and it's been great. We bought you and Ethan a new playhouse, added a hammock, set up a water table and you love every bit of it! We've been eating outside almost every night and then playing until bed time, it's been so much fun. 

I forget all the time that you are still 1 because you are so darn independent. Your new favorite phrase is, "I did it!" You say it all the time and you are so proud when you do something on your own. I am constantly amazed at the things you can do. You put your shoes on all by yourself and they are on the right foot 95% of the time, you are working on getting yourself dressed and un-dressed, you clean up after yourself when you make a mess. You also give me heart attacks with your independence. I have to watch you like a hawk at the park and pretty much everywhere because you have no fear and think you can do anything!

Another new word you are saying all of the time is, "button." You love to press any button you can find. I've lost count of how many times you have set off our car alarms from hitting the panic button on the remote! LOL We have to make sure there are no computers or phones around because you will find them and press every button possible. You are trouble little girl!

I don't know what you weigh or how tall you are but I'm pretty sure you had a growth spurt. You are looking taller to us lately. You have 4 teeth coming in all at the same time right now and some days I can tell that they are bothering you. I am hoping to get rid of your pacifier soon but will wait until those last teeth come in. 

Sofia we are constantly amazed by you and are so lucky that you are all ours. You are the sweetest, happiest and most fun little girl! We love you so much princess and I can't wait to see what new things you will be doing next month!

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