Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ethan's World: 22 Months

I cannot believe that you are 2 months from being 2, it is crazy! You have been a lot less temperamental this month it has been great and I hope it lasts! Being a toddler is tough, you are told "no"constantly and you can't fully express what you want to say so that we understand. Your vocabulary is constantly growing and we are surprised almost daily by the new words you pick up.

I did it!

This is your favorite phrase right now. Anytime you do anything, build a tower with blocks, do a puzzle, etc. you shout, "I did it!" It is the cutest thing ever. You are just starting to put more words together but this was definitely your first phrase.


We have been working diligently with you on your colors. You know red, green, blue, purple, orange, and yellow. We are working on black, brown, white. My favorite color you say is yellow, it is the cutest thing the way you say it. You are funny with your colors though because almost every time we ask you what color something is you say, "green." And then we say, "no," and ask you again and you always get it right. Oh how those toddler brains work!


You have always loved books and being read to, but lately it seems like it's at a whole new level. And you started calling your books, "bookie" and it is so sweet when you say it. At the end of the night you start to stand by the gate and point upstairs saying, "bookie" because you know when you go to bed you will get to have us read you a bunch of books. It is the cutest thing and I hope you only continue to love your books even more!

Puddle Jumper

A few weeks ago we had a day that was 40 degrees so we went for a walk. The whole time you were jumping and splashing in the puddles, you loved it. The only issue was you were wearing your gym shoes and your feet were soaked. So I bought you the cutest pair of boots and you are obsessed with them! You love splashing and jumping in all of the puddles and you just love wearing your boots. You'd wear them in the house if I let you! I think we are going to have even more puddle jumping fun this Spring!

Big Brother

Obviously the biggest news this month is that you are going to be a big brother!! I am so excited to see you in that role. You are so good with other kids, I know you will be a great big brother. When we showed you the ultrasound pictures for the first time and told you it was a picture of your baby brother or sister, you said, "baby." Now anytime we show you the ultrasound pictures you say, "baby, baby, baby!" I love the picture of you looking at the ultrasound pictures. You have the sweetest look on your face. I can't wait for the moment when you get to meet your big brother or sister in person!

Ethan, you are the greatest gift we could have ever hoped for and I can't believe we are almost to the 2 year mark! It has been amazing to watch you grow and change over all of these months. I am going to treasure every single day with you from now until October while it is still just the three of us. You are a joy to be around and even on your tough toddler days you are still the cutest thing I have ever seen. Daddy and I love you so much and can't wait to see what new things these next months will bring!

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