Sunday, July 19, 2015

Our week in pictures: 7.12.15

1. This guy is finally riding his bike we got him for his birthday in May! He was scared of it for some reason, but now he's riding it like a pro!
2. I got this picture of Ethan taking his nap at daycare with sunglasses on. She said he wouldn't take them off, HA!
3. Kitchen sink bath for this smiley girl!
4. Ethan was peeking out of his blanket fort!
5. Sofia has a new trick, clapping!
6. It was Porkchop's 8th birthday and he got his favorite food for breakfast and dinner, eggs!
7. Sunday dinner with my family!
8. We are set with new Bears gear for football season, only 45 days till kickoff!
9. Marble run fun at a birthday party!
10. Listening to Ethan count to 100 with his Countablock book!
11. Playing with Sofia's new Disney princess castle!
12. Ethan learned about good sportsmanship this week at soccer. After their scrimmage game, they lined up and said good job to each other with high fives. It was so cute!
13. These two goofballs had so much fun on one of the hottest days of the year!
14. Library fun!
15. Michael got this awesome hand made metal Blackhawks signs from one of his customers!

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